Strategic Partners program

Industry analysis and market research reports provide strategic insight and analysis on US industries. Comprehensive, neutral and objective reports keep up-to-date data and information on US industries and economic factors to help you make better strategic decisions, faster.

With a comprehensive Industry analysis for a startup company searching to target an industry with the highest growth potential or an establish company trying to get a deeper understand of its market trends and customer needs, the analysis reports are an invaluable management tool that will help you:

Join us to become a key partner of our competitive strategic partner and referral program. Built for growth to develop a beneficial business partnership. From Business and Real Estate Brokers, Business and Immigration Attorneys to Advisory, Accounting and Consulting Firms, our partners takes advantage of our referral program designed for mutual benefit, cooperation and networking.

 The program is structured to directly interact with your client for a referral fee of 20% for each closed Consulting project (Referral Mode) or the strategic partner manages all communication with the client subcontracting our services for a reduced fee (Whie Label Mode). This mode allows the partner to either charge the client our standard fee or resell our services as if they were their own.

Additionally, we offer

Flat Fees on all Business Plans.

Flat Fees on all Real Estate business plans, Real Estate ROI and Landlord deck.

Flat Fees on other business plans.

Referral Program.

We believe in networking from new and existing clients. Reciprocal referral pays off.  An introductory 10% discount on new or contracted services from existing clients. The more referrals, more credits on your account.

Business Plan Volume discount. The more the merrier. 10% discount on 3 business plans a month. 15% discount on 5 or more.

Turnaround Time. Delivery of first draft is 7-12 business days.

Express Service. Delivery of first draft 5-7 business days for expedite service (rush service fee applies)

For more detailed information on our strategic partners and referral program, please contact us