Investor Business Plan and Pitch Deck

CLEAR, CONCRETE PRESENTATIONS.  It’s All About The Story …. A visual Story.

The first impression is not only the most important, it is the only one that counts.

An investor business plan is the most critical document for any entrepreneur seeking to raise capital or finance a business venture or to start a new business. There are multiple key and vital requirements for an effective and comprehensive Investor Business Plan which includes but is not limited to Expected Return of Investment and other financial performance indicators, Funds requirements, use of funds, business model and business strategy, sales and marketing plan, management team and projection.

A pitch deck is an essential fundraising tool, whether you’re looking to raise $10,000, $100,000 or $10 million. Despite the shortness of the presentations, which usually run for 10-12 slides or less, creating a pitch deck that attract and wins investment, raise capital is no easy task, as a matter or fact is an incredible daunting task.

We inspire executive leaders, empower brands and speakers to attract audiences and potential investors with a well-defined, compelled and concise message with an striking crafted presentation

As an entrepreneur, you have one shot to impress and engage investors for raising capital or for your startup company. Why struggle to design it yourself? Use our expertise to get your perfect pitch deck.

The Need = The problem, the “villain” of the story

The Solution = The “hero” of the story, what will solve the problem and slay the villain?

The Business Plan =  What will happen after the hero takes action?

Moving Forward = The aftermath, hoping that the hero is triumphant!