Tax Returns

“Conquer Tax Season with ease. We’ve got you covered”

The dreaded yet inevitable tax season is upon us January each year. Running your business, keeping your books in order is just the beginning. Proper tax preparation and planning is essential to tackle the vast and complex IRS codes and rules to obtain the most deductions you and your business entity are entitled to.

We believe that income tax preparation should not be a burden on our clients. When it comes to tax season, we are here to help navigate and comply with your company’s tax requirements with the IRS. Filling your federal, and in some cases state tax return, is part of the annual requirements to keep your business entity in compliance. 

BP Strategic Solutions and its team of professional tax preparers assist you in filling your tax return.

 Our tax services, accurately and diligently review your financial information and prepare your tax return maximizing any applicable deduction you and your company is entitled to under the IRS code. Our tax team continuously stays atop on new IRS policies and laws to ensure that we are always up-to-date. We carefully work with clients to ensure that the correct deductions and credits are deducted from their income tax return.


 Our process:

Contac us with your tax needs

  • Fill out a brief and simple questionnaire
  • Send us your bank statements or financial data
  • Receive your tax return for review
  • Sign securely to fill the return on time

Do your Homework before hiring a Tax professional:

  • Ask a lot of questions. Competency, knowledge, experience are signals of a seasoned tax professional.
  • Avoid Promises of Fat Refunds. You should be suspicious of anyone who tells you they can get you a big refund before even looking at your income and financial situation. Definitive a Red Flag. “They just want to get your business”
  • Set the fees and payment in advance. Some tax preparers bill by the hour. We offer a flat fee, which can vary by the business entity type and the complexity of your return.
  • Don’t leave until the last minute. Choose a tax pro that can file earlier. Leaving your taxes until the last minute will cost you more since ALL Tax professional are busy.
  • Review your return before it’s filed. Even though you may have confidence in your tax professional, never sign a blank return. In checking your return before it’s filed

Why choose Us:

  • Easy, No Hassle Tax service
  • Experienced Tax preparers
  • No Financials, No problem. We’ll review and take care of your financial data.
  • Up to Date Business Tax Compliance
  • Dedicated tax professional. Got Tax Questions ? We got answers.

We also, provide assistance to file and extension of time to file with the IRS. This will give you an additional six month from the original due date to file your tax return. Please take into account that this extension does not provide an extension or additional time to pay your taxes. If you estimate that taxes are owed, tax payment must be submitted by the due date to avoid late fees, penalties and interest.

More time to file is not more time to pay

Use the form if you need to file an extension to file.

    Filling Due Date

    March 15



     Foreign Corp

    April 15
    Single Member LLC
    Multiple Members LLC
    Personal Tax return

    LLC & Partnerships Tax Return starting at $ 650*
    Corporations Tax Return starting at $850 **

    Personal Tax Return starting at $ 250 ^