Immigrations Business Plans

“Not all Immigration Business Plans are created equal”

One of the most important document needed when applying for a business or employment related visa is a comprehensive and thorough business plan.

The business plan is a critical element of the visa application requirements because it documents the start up business or the investment is sustainable, feasible and “at risk”. Additionally, forecast and support the applicant on its executive or managerial role will be able to “stimulate the U.S. economy through job creation and capital investment” according to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).

In many instances, for those applying for a business or employment related visa, the terminology is cumbersome, the process is complicated, and the application is nearly impossible without the assistance of an attorney who specializes in immigration applications and BP Strategics for assistance with the business plan requirement aspect of the application. Your business plan is not only a key and crucial element to obtain the approval for the visa you are applying for but will represent the blueprint to structuring a strong business, secure your investment and most importantly improve your chances to renew your visa.  A successful business plan requires extensive financial details, industry analysis, a clear marketing strategy and a detailed management structure. Through these and other, essential components, and the criteria required by the specific visa you are applying for, your business plan acts as major support to your overall visa application and approval success.

There’s a simple way to greatly improve your odds of getting approved for your L1-A, E2, EB5 visa application: get an immigration visa plan developed by professionals and experts. Contact us at Exoodus, our Immigration Division, for a quote tailored to your specific immigration business plan. A professional project manager will contact you for a free initial consultation.