Internal Process
& Control

An internal control system provides several advantages for organizations reassuring shareholder value by delivering better managerial decisions and accurate data and information, better management of risk and implementation of strong and qualified procedures.

Our goal is to help your organization develop and implement the right set of controls to mitigate your specific risks. A dedicated internal controls team will help you strengthen your corporate governance, establish proper guidance and directives for the organization, and remediate control weaknesses.

BP Strategics will review your current processes (automated and non-automated), workarounds, non-integrated software and application and identify internal control deficiencies, opportunities to improve your productivity, efficiency and internal control.

Through our Business / System Process Assessment will highlight the overall effectiveness of the business process(es) as it relates to:

·         Consider new business functions and capabilities required to support business strategy and objectives

·         Provide a resulting set of documents highlighting the gaps and opportunities and recommended solutions

·         Deliver a report that will provide a better understanding of your current state with recommendations to improve efficiency and productivity, as well as identify opportunities for process improvements, policies and procedure

·         Business Process and system review

·         Risks assessment and control gaps analysis

·         Reduce, deter and Mitigate risks within your organization