Business Plan

“Not all Business Plans are created equal. Adaptation and Customization is key for a successful Plan”

BP Strategic Solutions is fully dedicated to support your entrepreneur vision to become reality. Whether is to startup a dream, invest in an existing business, seek capital funding or go from Plan A to Plan B for visa approval and immigration requirements, we are committed to your success in achieving your dreams and goals.

 Our professional consultants are fully dedicated to understand your needs to assess the best possible business plan strategy to materialize your goals. A successful combination of 20+ years of financial and business planning experience plus a knowledge and clear understanding of investor and capital raising plans, SBA loans and more.  Also, understanding immigrant motivation seeking a Plan B to chase the “American Dream” is what set us apart on immigration business plans.

SBA/Bank Compliant

Approval of your loan request depends on how well you present yourself, your business, and your financial needs to the lender.

The best way to improve your chances of obtaining a loan is to prepare a written loan proposal or business plan. Lenders look to a loan proposal as evidence that your businessd…

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Franchise Business Plans

Many entrepreneurs who decide to invest in a franchise learn that, in most cases, they will need to present a business plan to the franchisor. It is the equivalent of an interview and selection process or in many cases a selling pitch to be awarded the franchise.

For entrepreneurs who require…

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Immigrations Business Plans

One of the most important document needed when applying for a business or employment related visa is a comprehensive and thorough business plan.

The business plan is a critical element of the visa application requirements because it documents the start up business or

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Visa Renewal

Getting approved is just the beginning on your immigration journey, visa renewal or extension is the real deal. Plan ahead and let us guide you through the intricate and cumbersome renewal process to be renewal ready when the time comes.

A comprehensive list of business compliance, license, accounting, tax

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Business Plans Review

We will review, correct or update your existing business plan for visa application, renewal or extension purposes following visa requirements and guidelines by USCIS.

Send us your business plan in word or pdf file and get a complete diagnosis of your work with comments and recommendations to improve your.

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Investor Business Plan and Pitch Deck

The first impression is not only the most important, it is the only one that counts.

An investor business plan is the most critical document for any entrepreneur seeking to raise capital or finance a business venture or to start a new business. There are multiple key

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Landlord Deck

A landlord deck is a brief business plan presented during the commercial lease application, designed to demonstrate the potential tenant’s financial resources, solvency and ability to pay rent during the lease term. Many Commercial real estate companies and landlords look for this essential tool to address the concern of applicant’s

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