Inventory Management, Warehouse Control and Automation

Efficient and effective factory and distribution systems designs; including inventory and distribution system development and implementation; facility design and consolidations; materials handling systems design, integral quality systems design and implementation to reduce costs, improve customer service, and increase productivity. 

We understand the challenges to optimize processes to improve efficiencies across the entire warehouse and distribution chain. As your business grows, we can help you face your challenges, reduce costs, and optimize your distribution or supply chain strategy.

Our comprehensive and thorough services covers a wide array of interconnected processes:

Warehouse Assessment

  • Assess and evaluate all departments and warehouse functions
  • Identify areas of improvement based on industry best practices 
  • Assess and evaluate the layout, design, flow and use of material handling equipment
  • Assess and review the organizational structure
  • Assess and evaluate manual process vs. technology and software to increase productivity
  • Develop detailed, actionable recommendations based assessment and observations
  • Results based on each companies goals, growth and operating practice

Warehouse Layout, Design and Automation

  • Assess and evaluate the warehouse layout and flow for products and materials
  • Develop a layout and design with automation and control systems in mind
  • Improving productivity and efficiencies for greater performance
  • Comprehensive solution including the layout and design, specification and reallocation products
  • Design a warehouse management system with bin locations for increased productivity, logistic and distribution efficiency
  • Assessment of inventory management systems and materials handling equipment
  • Assistance with souring, bidding and project managing the implementation of all material handling equipment. 

Inventory Management Systems

  • Evaluation of current Inventory policies and practices
  • Conduct initial inventory management system assessment
  • Developing and defining a tailored system requirements
  • Project management of system implementation
  • Recommended process and methods to reduce overstocks
  • Review the inventory metrics used and make recommendations

Inventory Internal Control and Loss Prevention

  • Review of the organization structure to assign and improve responsibilities and results
  • Design of reporting and analysis to improve internal systems
  • Improvement in supply chain and vendor compliance procedures
  • Assess and Design a standard operating procedure of Inventory counts
  • Implement reports and audit tracking system for inventory variances